In-Home Health Care Combats Elderly Depression | Senior Care Services

Did You Know? In-Home Health Care Helps Loved Ones Battle Depression.

May 20, 2013

As our elders age, they experience an array of changes in their body and lifestyle that can cause anxiety, discomfort, and in many cases, depression. Depression among the senior population is a common problem and affects several aspects of their life as well as yours. The one experiencing depression can fail to see the signs, and sometimes their loved ones overlook the symptoms, or don’t take the necessary steps to receive help. At Five Star Quality Home Care, our home health care providers are trained professionals who are here to help your loved one overcome this difficult time in their life.

Our in-home health care providers are caring and compassionate and are as concerned about your loved one’s mental well-being, as well as their physical well-being. Some ways to improve one’s mental state is through exercising, connecting with others, participating in activities, maintaining a regular sleep schedule and a healthy diet. These all may seem simple, but for some elders, it is difficult to engage in activities due to transportation or lack of companionship, causing further depression. If you notice these traits in your loved one, seek medical advice and visit a doctor for a diagnosis.

By having an in-home health care provider, your loved one can benefit in several ways. Our home health care providers at Five Star Quality Home Care are not only trained professionals, but people who care and that can assess and track your loved one’s progress through this phase of their depression. Since some symptoms are similar to dementia, our home health care providers are able to distinguish the difference. Home health care alleviates loneliness among your loved one by spending time with them at home, transporting them to their daily activities or doctor visits, and regulating their normal activities.

Our trained professionals are here to help with the tough times in your loved one’s life. Depression can be treated and by having a home health care provider, you can be assured he or she will take the necessary means to get your loved one to overcome depression.