How Do I Ensure the In-Home Care Being Provided is Quality Care?

How Do I Ensure the In-Home Health Care Being Provided is Quality Care?

January 31, 2013

As with any important decision, such as choosing an in-home care provider for you loved one, it’s always a good idea to do your research on the in-home care agencies/providers you may be considering. We have provided some key questions that we feel any person seeking in-home health care for their loved one should be concerned with:

    • Is the in-home health agency or provider licensed?
    • Does the in-home health care agency or provider offer a free comprehensive care assessment that results in a ‘plan of care’ for your loved one outlining exactly what care services will be performed?
    • How is the overall communication and rapport over the phone and when you meet with any prospective in-home caregiving agency/provider?
    • Is the in-home health care agency/provider available around the clock, seven days a week, and on holidays?
    • How closely do their in-home care supervisors monitor the quality of care being provided to your loved one?
    • How does the in-home health care agency/provider ensure confidentially of your loved ones medical needs and records?
    • Who takes the place of your caregiver if the in-home care agency calls and scheduled caregiver cannot work that day? If you use an independent caregiver, will anyone show up and most importantly who?

Please be cautious when considering hiring an independent in-home health care aide that is not working through an agency. This person most likely will not be licensed and/or insured to care for your loved one. You should always interview your designated caregiver that will be the one providing the care for your loved one to ensure they are qualified and understand the tasks and medicated schedules required (if necessary).

Whether you arrange for in-home health care through an agency or decide to hire an independent home health care aide on a individual basis, its beneficial to spend time preparing the caregiver who will be taking care of your loved one. Ideally, you would spend some time before the scheduled care actually begins to review what will be involved in your loved one’s daily routine. Most importantly be sure to provide your in-home health care provider (both verbally and in writing) the following key points that he or she should know:

  • Any illnesses/injuries, and what signs to look for in case of an emergency situation.
  • Any likes and dislikes that pertain to your loved one.
  • The need for dentures, eyeglasses, canes, walkers, etc.
  • Medications, the schedules required and how they are taken.
  • Possible behavioral issues and how to deal with them, should they arise.
  • Any limitations with mobility (in or out of a wheelchair, trouble walking, or balancing).
  • Special diet needs, allergies, or nutritional regulations.
  • Any necessary therapeutic exercises (if applicable).

No matter which in-home health care provider you choose, here at Five Star Quality Home Care we want to make sure your loved one get the best care for them.

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