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Palm Beach County In-Home Ailment Care

“During the holidays my 92 year old mother fell and suffered a fracture while attending the funeral of her younger brother in Atlanta. Being the only child, I needed quick assistance to attend to her daily needs. One phone call to Five Star took care of everything.” – Mark

In-Home Health Care and Support for Degenerative Illnesses

The challenges of chronic degenerative illnesses can demand long-term care and assistance which family members may not be equipped to provide. On top of that, watching a loved one struggle through these illnesses on a daily basis can be extremely difficult. If you have a family member coping with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, or the ongoing effects of a stroke, the certified caregivers of Five Star Quality Home Care can help them live full lives by offering support with daily tasks ranging from housekeeping to elimination.

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Alzheimer’s Disease Home Care

Alzheimer’s disease poses unique challenges for patients and caregivers alike, and can cause enormous frustrations for everyone. Our highly-trained caregiving team can offer the skillful and patient care your loved one needs to live effectively with Alzheimer’s, improving their daily life with mind-stimulating activities and loving encouragement.
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Parkinson’s Disease Home Care

If your loved one is struggling with Parkinson’s disease, they face particular difficulties that can be difficult to overcome; even getting through everyday routines can prove unreasonably difficult. Your loved one’s caregiving team will provide the support they need to perform daily activities and offer valuable aid in everything from food preparation to making sure their medications are taken regularly.
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Dementia Home Care

Dementia, like any degenerative neurological disease, can make daily life extremely difficult and confusing, posing challenges which family and friends might not be able to reliably overcome. We provide a skilled caregiver team to help your loved one live well, offering valuable assistance in food preparation and medication reminders, while creating a loving, encouraging environment.
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Stroke Victim Home Care

A stroke can be a devastating experience; a previously-healthy, vital, and independent person can suddenly find themselves having unanticipated difficulties with everyday activities as simple as brushing their teeth and preparing food. Our specially-trained caregiving team will work to make sure that they retain their self-respect while assisting with necessities like eating, dressing, and walking. It’s our goal to make their lives not only manageable, but dignified.
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