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Dementia Home Care

A catchall term for a wide variety of degenerative disabilities, dementia describes the decay of a person’s neurological functioning and ability to perform daily tasks. If you have a loved one struggling with dementia or demonstrating the beginnings of a mental decline in their later years, it may be time to consider whether some form of in-home support would be appropriate.

Among the most common difficulties associated with dementia, sufferers routinely experience short-term memory loss, which can cause great difficulty with accomplishing everyday activities. Our trained caregiving team is specially equipped to provide the support your loved one needs to complete daily tasks and lead full, rich lives.

Five Star Quality Home Care can provide support with activities including:

  • Medication reminders
  • Doctor visits & personal transportation
  • Meal preparation
  • Daily errands & tasks
  • Much more!

We offer flexible care arrangements and scheduling so you can be sure that your loved one always has the support of a dedicated, knowledgeable professional when they need it. Your loved one will feel safe, secure, and cared for in the comfort of their own home.

Dementia In-Home Care Services in Dallas & Collin Counties:

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