Signs My Loved One is Ready for a Home Health Care Provider?

Signs My Loved One is Ready for a Home Health Care Provider?

April 17, 2013

We fear the day when we realize that our loved ones are no longer safe living alone in their own home. We all want them to have their independence, but their security and well-being are your top priority. Perhaps it is time to consider a home health care provider.

If you are your loved ones caregiver living nearby, it may be easier to notice the signs that your loved one is ready for some extra assistance. Some of the obvious signs include when your loved one neglects his or her hygiene, can no longer prepare meals, often says they aren’t hungry, forgets their medicine, loses weight, experiences unusual bruising, becomes fearful about driving, and limits contact with family.

Their clothing is also a good indicator of whether or not they’re keeping up with proper daily routines. Check to see if everything buttoned, if there stains on their clothes, or if his or her clothing on backward. Are their clothes inside out? Are they still in pajamas? Do their socks match? If you see any these signs, contact an in-home health care provider such as Five Star Quality Home Care to determine when it’s the right time and exactly which on-demand care services are needed.

If you’re far away, or if the stress of being a caregiver takes away from work or your own family, puts your life “on hold”, or if you experience depression, do not feel guilty! Studies show that a caregiver’s health sometimes deteriorates faster than the aging loved one. You are not alone, and there are support groups that can help you through this difficult time in your and your loved ones life. In most cases, loved ones won’t ask for help until they endure a hospital stay or suffer an injury.

Being far away is trickier and you may be at a disadvantage since you can’t see the physical signs, thus requiring more investigating or questioning on the phone. This will provide information about the mental and physical status of your loved one.

If you know your loved ones friends or routine activities, such as church or bingo, ask about such activities to ensure they’re keeping up with their social life. Listen carefully for speech patterns. Learn their medication schedule and repeat questions such as the pill names and frequency of use to assure they’re taking medications as prescribed. Falls are the number one form of injury in an aging loved one so ask about physical activity and any setbacks if they aren’t moving around or not engaging in the same activities as the month before.

This is a difficult time in their life as well as yours. At Five Star Quality Home Care we are here to help you. We can assess if an in-home health care provider is right for your loved one and how often one is needed. We will help provide peace of mind that your loved one is cared for, whether you are near or far, and still allow them the independence of living in their own home.

At Five Star Quality Home Care, you’re already family. Call or fill our our free home assessment form and see the Five Star difference today!